Why ☀️ Croatia?

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Here is a personal blog about Croatia of a person who lived here for 19 years :))

My name is Olga) I live and work in Croatia for 19 years and I know everything about it or almost everything ;))

Croatia is an endlessly interesting amazingly diverse and colorful small country ☀️

It is surprisingly located: if in one part of the country people go skiing, then in another part they wear T-shirts and bask in sun of Adriatic. Croatia is a 1-4 hour drive from several European capitals.

Brela resort Croatia. Photo 4

Croatia is amazingly diverse and colorful; a small country, where you can find the warm Adriatic sea, old cozy cities, wonderful parks, various natural phenomena, medieval fortresses and palaces, mountains and waterfalls, thermal waters, ancient ruins, and underground caves.

Croatia is a highly welcoming and “tasty” country, very well-known for its healthy Mediterranean cuisine.

Judge for yourself: Croatia accommodates

5 reasons to choose Croatia for your family vacation?

Holiday in Croatia

1:) the sea, which is as clean as it gets, is Croatia’s trademark. Croatian beaches have received international awards for cleanness more than once;

2:) the unique mountain, pine and sea air of the Croatian coastline has a visible revitalising effect, particularly on the respiratory and nervous systems;

3:) Croatia is one of the resort destinations with a low level of prices, while the quality of service and of good is quite high, a fact that has been appreciated by economy Europeans. The system of renting apartments in Croatia and villas in Croatia the private sector so common allows families with children to have a rest by the sea and save some money;

Croatian cuisine

4:) Croatian cuisine is of the common European-Mediterranean type: newly-captured fish, a variety of dishes with seafood, locally-grown vegetables and fruit, bread from local bakeries, and, of course, the famous Croatian wine;

5:) Croatia is a European country with a low crime rate and inflation rate, a stable real estate market, and a very friendly attitude to the visitors, particularly children!

Pondering where to spend your winter holidays with use? Croatia will make fans of active winter sports happy, too:

Winter in Croatia

1:) the winter on Croatian coast is warm and green. You will be able to enjoy quiet, hustle-free walks by the sea, and give a close look to the variety of Croatian sights;

2:) Croatian winter in Zagreb is of the soft continental style, which allows to do a lot of active winter sports. The picturesque natural landscape of Croatian ski resorts is complemented with the modern equipment of the ski trails; the gentle, “unextreme” slopes are quite suitable for beginners and kids;

3:) Croatia has special medical thermal centres (toplice) furnished with modern equipment and working all year round, where mineral water of a unique revitalising chemical composition can be found;

Winter in Zagreb Croatia

4:) Zagreb – the capital of Croatia – is a modern European city with a charming Medieval area, a very rich architecture, a variety of museums, theatres, exhibition galleries, old suburban castles, and a lively nightlife;

5:) Croatia has a claim on being the European shopping leader. Zagreb has already surpassed Vienna in the area of shopping floor space per 1000 citizens.

Croatia is a soulful country, which has preserved not only a cleanest sea, but also a rich history.

Discover Croatia and relax the way you like!

Croatia is an endlessly interesting amazingly diverse and colorful small country ☀️ this is a completely correct statement even for a person who has lived here for almost 20 years.

Croatia is a country of “Color TV” ? it has a mild European climate, healthy food, excellent homemade wine and the friendliest people

Croatia individual guide

I am a private individual guide in Croatia.
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Wines of Croatia are becoming more and more famous all around the world; they take the winning places in the international wine exhibitions and contests.
There are multiple grape species planted in the wine regions of Croatia. We are, however, most interested in the species that are unique for the Croatia alone.

Wine- Gastro- tour of seaside Croatia

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