Wines of Istria: the most famous wineries and wines

Croatian wines are gaining more and more popularity on the international wine market. Together with wines gains popularity most popular wine region of Croatia – the Istrian peninsula.

From ancient times Istria was famous for growing grapes and till today it remains as one of the most dynamically developing wine regions in Europe.

In 2014 and 2015 Istria has joined the list of top 10 wine producing regions of the world. Also in 2016 Istria was placed in the top 10 wine producing regions of Europe.

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Istria has unique natural features which enable growth of high quality grapes. Climate in Istria varies from coastal Adriatic part to central part of the peninsula.

Soil types also change across the entire peninsula. You can find variants of soil types in different parts of peninsula: in the Western part you are more likely to find red soils “Red Istria”, in the hilly northeast part of Istria and in mountainous region of Čićarije you can find white soils “White Istria”.

The most famous wine type from Istria called Malvazija – Istrian Malvazija / Malvazija istarska. Slightly less widespread wine type from Istria is Muškat momjanski produced from grape type called White Muskat.

Main kinds of grape in Croatia:
Malvazija Istarska
Plavac mali

Istria is one of the most interesting tourist regions of Croatia. Winery and gastronomy of that regions remains the most important orientation of the tourism in that region. Surprisingly relatively small region of Istria is capable of attracting tourists throughout the entire year. It is offering variety of delicacies such as: cheeses, wines, variety of meat types, olive oils and even white truffles.

The most famous and deserved wineries:

Kozlović, Momjan

  • Malvazija Santa Lucia – “Best in show 2022” Vinistra 2022
  • Santa Lucia Noir – “Silver medal” Vinistra 2022
  • Teran – “The best Teran” and “Golden medal” Vinistra 2022
  • Muškat momjanski – “Silver medal” Vinistra 2022
  • Sorbus – “Silver medal” Vinistra 2022

Franković, Buje

  • Malvazija Korona
  • Luna Blanca – “Silver medal” Vinistra 2022
  • Cuvee Blanc – “Golden medal” Vinistra 2022
  • Cabernet Sauvignon – “Golden medal” Vinistra 2022
  • Chardonnay – “Golden medal” Vinistra 2022
  • Luna Rosa – “Silver medal” Vinistra 2022

Fakin, Motovun

  • Malvazija
  • Malvazija La Prima
  • Teran Il Primo – “Golden medal” Vinistra 2022
  • Muškat žuti – “Silver medal” Vinistra 2022
  • Rose – “Silver medal” Vinistra 2022
  • Teran – “Golden medal” Vinistra 2022

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Zigante vina

  • Cabernet Sauvignon – “Golden medal” Vinistra 2022
  • San Stefano cuvee – “Golden medal” Vinistra 2022
  • Teran – “Golden medal” Vinistra 2022
  • Teran San Stefano Gran Riserva – “Golden medal” Vinistra 2022


  • Chardonnay – “Golden medal” Vinistra 2022
  • Familia – “Golden medal” Vinistra 2022
  • Teran – “Golden medal” Vinistra 2022

Benvenuti, Kaldir

  • Najvažnija vina
  • Teran Santa Elisabetta
  • Teran
  • Malvazija Anno Domini
  • Muškat San Salvatore – “Platinum medal” Vinistra 2022

Roxanich, Motovun

  • Superistrian
  • Teran Re
  • Malvazijica

Clai, Krasica

  • Malvazija Sv. Jakov
  • Bijeli Ottocento
  • Brombonero

Kabola, Momjan

  • Malvazija Unica
  • Malvazija Amfora
  • Teran Amfora


“Vinistra” is annual wine testing exhibition which is one of the most respected in Istria.
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In each of the Croatian wine regions there is at least one wine type, which is especially loved all around the globe

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