Zagreb – capital of Croatia – rest & history

Zagreb – capital of Croatia – one of the most popular European tourist destinations. Zagreb is the biggest city of Croatia. It is modern European city, one of the most exciting touristic directions in Croatia.

4 climate seasons there are: hot sunny summer, golden warm autumn, snowy moderately cold winter and green fresh spring.

Very well preserved beautiful old Zagreb’s centre and many entertainments for all ages make our Zagreb an attractive place for rest, for spending the interesting and exciting weekends and holidays!

Sightseeing Zagreb capital of Croatia

Zagreb is located in a centre of Europe, so it has a great avia connection with all the cities of the world. It is fully integrated into bus transport and railway transport system of Europe.

In 2017 Zagreb city rightfully took the first place in rating hotlist European destinations“You need to see in 2017” by the world-famous edition of the guidebooks Lonely Planet.

Zagreb is an ancient European city, the first mention of it dates back to 1093.

The city was never built as a national capital, and only after the declaration of independence of Croatia in 1991, when Zagreb took the title of the capital of Croatia. Since then, Zagreb has been constantly developed and reconstructed.

Zagreb the capital of Croatia

Nowadays, Zagreb is a modern European city with a rich cultural and scientific heritage, the political and business centre of the Republic of Croatia, and the main transport and trade hub between the Adriatic coast and Central Europe.

Zagreb is the capital and the biggest city of Croatia.

The population of Zagreb is 792 875 people (2011), the total are is 650 sq. km. Zagreb is 122 m above sea level, in the norsthern part of Croatia, in 170 km from the Adriatic sea.

Coordinates for navigating of Zagreb devices: 45°10;15\’N, 15°30\’E

Sights of Zagreb

Historical part of Zagreb is a unique unity of eras and styles.

The central part of Zagreb is divided into the Upper City or Gornji Grad, and the Lower City or Donji Grad.

Upper Town / Gornji Grad of Zagreb

Upper Town / Gornji Grad of ZagrebUpper Town / Gornji Grad is the Medieval part of the centre of Zagreb.

The heart of Zagreb’s Gornji Grad is Zagreb’s neogothic cathedral – Zagreb Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary – on Kaptol place.

Picturesque narrow streets lead directly to the medieval part of the centre of Zagreb.

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This funicular connects Down town – Tomiceva street with Upper town – Lotrscak tower. The funicular is the oldest public transportation in Zagreb.

Zagreb funicular was build XIX century and begin to work in 1893.

Zagreb funicular is the shortest funicular in the world! The rails are just 66m long))

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Down Town / Donji Grad of Zagreb

Art Pavilion Zagreb King Tomislav squareDown town / Donji Grad is newer than the Gornji Grad part of the city center of Zagreb.

Donji Grad is a more modern (19th century) part of the centre of the city of Zagreb, and more similar to the historical centers of the capitals of Europe.

Zagreb’s central square – Trg bana Jelasica is located in Down town part of Zagreb`s center. Trg bana Jelasica is the epicenter of life n Zagreb.

Spacious squares, parks with fountains and pavillions, and monumental Classicism buildings make (if you look from above) the letter U, and are called the “Green Horseshoe” of Zagreb.

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Zagreb yourself walking tour: medieval Upper Town / Gornji Grad

Zagreb yourself walking tour: medieval Upper Town

How to visit nine recognizable sights and monuments of old Medieval Zagreb?

Zagreb main sights – walking author’s tour: Only two hours and Zagreb will become your friend!

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The our trip:

Two parts of city Zagreb which we are interested in Kaptol and Upper Town

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Zagreb yourself walking tour for 2-3 hours: Down Town / Donji Grad

Art Pavilion Zagreb King Tomislav square

Donji Grad is a modern part of Zagreb city. It is relatively young, but full of different amazing attractions, museums, monuments and parks, united into the Green Lenuci Horseshoe.

“Lenuci Horseshoe” or “Zagreb Green Horseshoe” is a system of eight squares in a middle of the Lower town of Zagreb city.

Amazing, that wherever you are, there is always something new to learn. But even if now you know everything about the Lenuci Horsesshoe.

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Zagreb 360° Eye observation deck

Zagreb 360° Eye observation deck
The best point for seeing Zagreb city is an observation deck Zagreb 360° Eye.

Zagreb 360° Eye observation deck provides a unique views on all around Zagreb city, on the main Zagreb square – Trg Bana Jelacica, Cathedral, Zagreb Upper Town / Gornji Grad and Down Town / Donji Grad and other most important cultural and historical architectures of Zagreb, its squares, streets, parks and multicolored city roofs.

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