Zrmanja river is Croatian Grand Canyon

Zrmanja river is Croatian Grand Canyon – one of the most beautiful and breathtaking rivers in Europe with perfectly clear water, a magnificent canyon and magical waterfalls.

Over thousands of years Zrmanja made its way to the sea through the hard carbonate layer of Velebit, creating one of the most impressive fairytale canyons in Croatia.

Zrmanja river. Photo 1

Zrmanja consists of six canyons, most of the above-ground part of the river is hidden in a canyon up to 200 meters deep. Zrmanja forms many waterfalls and is especially beautiful in spring, decorated with lush vegetation.

Multifaceted river Zrmanja is different along its entire 69-kilometer length – in some places the river flows calmly and meanders in the fields, and in others Zrmanja contracts and rumbles in the canyon.

During the flood Zrmanja boils with foamy rapids. And in the summer months the river can completely disappear underground, only to appear again on the surface downstream.

Movies with the Winnetou

River Zrmanja. WinnetouThe landscapes of Zrmanja canyons were immortalized in the 60s movies about the adventures of the Indian chief Winnetou (Pierre Brice).

In Croatian town of Starigrad-Paklenica the “Winnetou Museum” was opened in 2009.

To get to the Pueblo plato / Pariževačka glavica where the Indian village of Winnetou was located, you need to drive from the town of Jasenica in the direction of Obrovca. When you pass Jasenice, turn right onto the gravel road that will lead you to the filming location.

You will be fully rewarded because the plateau offers a unique view of the canyon

The unusual landscapes of these places have many times attracted the attention of film directors of different times and directions.

Here were filmed movies “Genghis Khan” 1965), “Scalawag” 1973, “Mathias Sandorf” 1979, “Partizanska eskadrila” 1979, “Mala pljačka vlaka” 1984, “Lukina Jama” 2002, “Što je muškarac bez brkova?” 2005, “Dva sunčana dana” 2010, “Winnetou Weiber” 2013 and even an online game Game of War (2015).

Kayaking, rafting and photo tours on Zrmanja river

Rafting is organized in the spring before May 15 and in the fall after September 15, or after heavy rains.

Zrmanja river. Photo 2

Boat trips in Zrmanje are some of the most exciting and impressive in Croatia.

In summer the river flows calmer and you can take a boat trip along Zrmanje or kayaks and canoes.
Photo tours are also organized for guests.

All boat trips in Zrmanje are organized by licensed agencies.

If the water level in the river drops significantly, which could jeopardize the formation of tuff in the river, rafting and canoeing may be temporarily suspended.

How much cost of rafting and photo tours on Zrmanja

To help you understand present the prices for rafting in Zrmanje.

Rafting on Zrmanje costs 50 euros for an adult and 30 euros for children under 13 years old
Photo boat tours on the Zrmanje River cost 50 euros for an adult and 30 euros for children under 13 years old

The starting point for boat trips along Zrmanje is the towns of Maslenica and Novigrad in Northern Dalmatia.

City of Novigrad is located on the coast 38 km from Zadar city and 275 km from the capital of Croatia – Zagreb.

Zrmanja River on the map of Croatia

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