The best thermal SPA resorts in Slovenia. TOP 5

The best Thermal Spa resorts of Slovenia ТОР 5: vacations in thermal resorts is gaining popularity in many countries.

This type of rest allows you to switch away from the daily routine and regain vitality without immense financial injections and exhausting preparations.

Thermal resorts usually offers multiple indoor and outdoor pools, hydro massages, water slides, various types of saunas and ice baths. Pools of the thermal resorts are filled with thermal waters from the sources located in the same place as the resorts themselves.

Don’t take mobile phones and laptops… spend some time fully focused on yourself, with your partner or family ????

TOP 5 Slovenian the best thermal resorts

1. Thermal resort Terme Olimia

Therms Olimia are undoubtedly the best, the most romantic and the most luxurious resort of Slovenia.
Heaven for couples.

Health Center Termalija – largest sauna complex of Slovenia.

The Best thermal SPA resorts in Slovenia. TOP 5. Photo 1

For the ones interested in spending the entire vacation there, there is a 4* Hotel Sotelia which is connected via corridors with the Health Centers of Termalija and Orhidelia.

➝ more about hotel Sotelia 4* and resort Terme Olimia

2. Therms Terme Čatež

Terme Čatež — offers an excellent choice of pools and water slides for all age categories. Therms Čatež is one of the most popular destinations for families with children. The entire complex offers over 10000 sq. meters of area covered with area. Includes year round covered and opened pools – Summer and Winter Rivieras.

The Best thermal SPA resorts in Slovenia. TOP 5. Photo 2

On the territory of the Thermal Spa complex there is a 3* Hotel Čatež. Guests of the hotel have access to the luxurious isolated Spa Center. Sauna park of the resort is composed of 8 separate sauna zones, access to which can be purchased for additional payment.

Resort complex Therms Čatež also offers its guests shops, casino and few restaurants.

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3. Resort Terme Zreče

Thermal resort Terme Zreče includes thermal pools, few types of saunas and massage baths.

The Best thermal SPA resorts in Slovenia. TOP 5. Photo 3

Resort is surrounded by mountains which is convenient for combining spa activities with skiing.

➝ more about hotel Atrij 4* of Terme Zreče

4. Thermal resort Terme Laško

Thermal Center Terme Laško offers pools, sauna, fitness center and recovery center.

You can enjoy night swimming in the open pool area when all the stars can be seen ;)

The Best thermal SPA resorts in Slovenia. TOP 5. Photo 4

Guests of the 4* hotel Thermana Park Laško can enjoy the pool area for free.

➝ more about hotel Thermana Park Laško 4* of Terme Laško

5. Rimske Terme thermal resort

Therms are located in the picturesque forest. Resort includes covered and open panoramic massage pools with underwater sitting places and sunbeds.

Additionally complex Sauna Land Varinia offers 4 types of saunas, massage pools and few jacuzzis.

The Best thermal SPA resorts in Slovenia. TOP 5. Photo 5

Hotel Rimske Terme is an excellent choice for romantic couples. In some of the offered rooms there are personal jacuzzis for couples.

Rimske Terme is an excellent choice for fans of hiking and biking.

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The Best thermal SPA resorts in Slovenia. TOP 5. Photo 7

Relax and rejuvenate in the wonderful SPA terms of Slovenia) Have a good rest!

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