Active, fun, beautiful… new rafting & kayaking – near the Zagreb

Rafting & kayaking near Zagreb

On the banks of Kupa river, 40 km from Karlovac city and 87 km from Zagreb, a new entertainment for lovers of active water recreation in nature – rafting & kayaking Aquadventure.

Severin on Kupa is located on the very heart of the pure and most picturesque massif of Gorski Kotar. The canyon of the Kupa river is a beautiful idyllic place away from the hustle and bustle of the city. … read more

Semi Submarines in Croatia

Semi Submarines in Croatia

The semi-submarine is unique experience for the whole family. Underwater excursions both like children and their parents.

Trought the 5 sq.m windows explore the amazing sea world. Guests can see variety fish species, starfish, sea urchins, bivalves, hydroids and different marine algae.

The breathtaking panoramic views of the undersea world of the Adriatic coast don`t leave the indifference people.

… read more