Peruca freshwater Lake – 56 km from Omis

Peruca Lake is the third largest freshwater lake in Croatia, and the second largest man-made reservoir in the country.

The length of Peruca Lake is 18 km, the width in some places is from 200 meters to 3 km.

Перучское водохранилище Peruca Lake

Peruca reservoir was formed as a result of the construction of the dam and Peruca hydroelectric power station in 1958 in the south of Cetina river.

Перучское водохранилище Peruca Lake

At the bottom of the reservoir there is a flooded monastery Draganić built in 1395.

Driving by car to the lake is free. The beaches of the lake are free.

Peruca Lake is a great place for swimming for lovers of fresh water, a popular place for water sports, boating and fishing.

Перучское водохранилище Peruca Lake

Legend about monster of Peruca

There is a legend about the monster of Lake Peruca – Peruca’s Nessi. There is evidence of local fishermen who saw the monster.

Перучское водохранилище Peruca Lake

In reality, biologists say that a huge snake is inhabited in the lake  – the largest snake in Europe – Elaphe quatuorlineata, or Kravosas, or the Dalmatian boa.

The snake can grow up to 3 meters in length. The Dalmatian boa constrictor is the largest snake in Europe.

This snake is a huge rarity, and approximately every 10-15 years there is a witness who saw this monster.

Peruca Lake on map of Croatia

Get to Peruca Lake is more convenient by car

Get to Peruca Lake is more convenient by car.

Distance from Peruca Lake to Omis resort is 73 km

Distance from Peruca Lake to Split city is 56 km