Meereen of “Game of Thrones” in Croatia

Meereen city of “Game of Thrones” appears in the fourth season of the series.

Croatian fortress Klis, located in 14 km from the Split city, has made a perfect setting for the Meereem city.

Meereen of "Game of Thrones" in Croatia

According to the plot of the “Game of Thrones” Daenerys Targeryan takes over the biggest of three slave owners’ cities – Meereen – after which the liberated slaves proclaim her their queen. The filming of these scenes took place in the fortress of Klis, in Croatia.

Meereen of "Game of Thrones" in Croatia

Klis is a wonderfully preserved Middle Ages fortress. It is built on the cascading cliff, which makes it unapproachable from three sides.

The foundation of the fortress took place in 13th century, when there was an urgent need to defend the locals from raids of the Turks.

For many following centuries, the fortress kept on fulfilling its purpose in different wars.

Today, Klis is a very popular historical attraction nearby Split. A lot of cultural events are held there: the most spectacular of these are the historical costumed reconstructions of Middle Age battles.

Meereen of "Game of Thrones" in Croatia

A wonderful panoramic view onto the second biggest city of Croatia – Split – opens from the fortress’ height.

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