Euro in Croatia

Euro is going to be introduced in Croatia starting from the 1st of January 2023.

The introduction of the euro is going to mark the concluding stage of Croatia’s accession to the European Union.

Croatia is currently in a state of active preparation for the accession, so in the summer of 2022 already Croatian citizens will have an option to pay with both currencies – the Croatian kuna, and the Euro. In that way, the full transition into another currency will be swift and easy.

It has been decided, that prints on the Croatian euro will be: the chess board, marten, the geographic map of Croatia, the Glagolitic, and Nikola Tesla.

Through the 6 transitional months, the prices in all shops and stores of Croatia will be established in both currencies.

The transitional currency exchange rate
established by the National bank of Croatia – 7.53450 kunas

Euro in Croatia

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