Strukli / Štrukli is a traditional dish of Croatian Zagorje

Strukli / Štrukli from Zagorje – is a traditional dish of Croatian Zagorje with history over 70 years.

It is a popular delicacy which is included in to the list of Croatian cultural heritage.

Strukli can be made using two methods: boiled in water or baked. They can as well be either salty or

Recipe: Shtrukli with cheese / Štrukli s sirom

Zagorje Strukli were made in every house using at every house using easily available ingredients. Today
popularity of this nourishing and easily made dish has gone far away from the borders of the Croatian

Strukli. Photo 2

All sorts of Strukli are made on the basis of the simplest form of dough from flour, salt, eggs and hot
water. It also includes small amount of vinegar and butter, and cheese filling.

From there on depending on the cooks fantasy Strukli maybe with pumpkin, truffles, blueberry, poppy,
honey, nuts…

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