Euphrasian Basilica in Porec

World-known early Christian Euphrasian Basilica in Porec city is a unique sample of the Byzantine art. Basilica was built in the middle of 6th century on the stony foundation of the earlier St. Mavr church, which was built in the beginning of the 4th century.

Distance to Pula 59 km
Distance to Zagreb 248 km

Euphrasian Basilica mosaic, which is an incredibly beautiful re-surgent picture, brought global fame to Porec. After the earthquake in the middle of 15th century Euphrasian Basilica was destroyed.

Euphrasian Basilica in Porec

In the 18th century Basilica was reconstructed. And only in the 20th century Euphrasian Basilica got its original appearance.

Euphrasian Basilica on map of Porec

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