Ludberg – center of the world – 97 km from Zagreb

Ludberg – center of the world – historically this small, yet legendary settlement has been part of the Roman Empire.

Important geographical location and well developed infrastructure have allowed town to become an important trading location.

Also legends hold that in Ludberg were first mentions of “Earth Circles”

Ludberg - center of the world. Photo 2

Legend about center of the world was confirmed by Swiss art historian, Dr. Erasmus Weddigen.

With the help of map and compass he took Ludberg as center of the world and has drawn circles around the whole map.

In reality however it happened that on the drawn circles also laid other larger towns including some Croatian and some towns from neighboring countries.

Ludberg - center of the world. Photo 6

For example some other Croatian towns: Varazdin, Koprivnica, Čakovac, Varaždinske Toplice are all located about 20 km away from Ludberg

Ludberg – 500 year old sanctuary

Ludberg is also famous by its chapel of Saint Križ of the Batthyany palace where they still store magically appeared ampoule with blood of Jesus Christ.

Ludberg - center of the world. Photo 3

According to Christianity all places in the world that are connected to Jesus Christ are called Centers of
The World. And it is another proof of Ludberg legend.

Ludberg and “The Fifth Element”

In Ludberg, in addition to four existing elements: fire, water, earth and wind are joined by the fifth of fire – the famous sparkling wine. It is being produced from the old grapes of the local vineyards.

Every year on 1 st April this wine flows in the town fountain.

You simply can’t leave the place without trying this incredible drink of “the center of the world” ;)

Ludberg - center of the world. Photo 5

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City of Angels Varazdin city: in 28 km from the hotel
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Ludberg – center of the world on map of Croatia:

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