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Varazdin city is a town in the northwest of Croatia, 77 km to the north of the capital of Croatia – Zagreb city, it stands on the Drava river, and is the administrative centre of the Varazdin region. The first written mention of the town dates back to the 12th century.

The population of the town of Varazdin is 47,055 people.

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Varazdin was first mentioned in a written document dated 1181.

In 1209 Varazdin received the status of free city from the kind Andras II.

From 1756 to 1776, during the times of Marie-Theresa, the town was the capital of Croatia. At that time, numerous palaces were built, which still remain standing. Varazdin is often called “the open-air Baroque museum”.

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In 1776, a big fire took place in the city, and the city burnt practically to the ground, and the capital was moved to Zagreb.

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Guests of Varazdin are amazed at the unique structures and the original street planning.

Varazdin is planned in a way characteristic of medieval times – all the streets lead to the central square and the building of the Town Hall.

Varazdin is called “the little Vienna” of Croatia for its large number of architectural monuments in the Baroque style.

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Sightseeing of Varazdin

Among the main sights of Varazdin is the building of the Town Hall (the city authorities have been having meetings here since 1523). In summer, guards in beautiful uniforms and huge bear fur hats stand guard by the Town Hall. There is also Draskovic palace (the 17th century). Particularly famous for its interior decorations are the Cathedral of Mary’s Annunciation (early 17th century) and the church of St John the Baptist, which is renowned for its gilded pulpit and frescoes made by Ivan Ranger.

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Apart from that, Varazdin is famous for its music festivals. The famous “Baroque music nights”, which traditionally take place in the old castles and churches of Varazdin, and the Spancirfest Festival that taes place in early autumn are known far beyond Croatia. Many recognised European musicians perform at the music festivals of Varazdin.

The festival begin at the beginning of August and finishes in September (the festival lasts for 10 days and takes place in the very centre of the town).

Less famous is the youth festival of animation that takes place in Varazdin — VAFI.

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Official website of organisers of Varazdin music events

Varazdin Croatia photos

Varazdin is located not far from the border between Croatia and Hungary and the famous Lake Balaton, 81 km away from Zagreb – the capital of Croatia, 89 km away from the border with Slovenia, 240 km away from Rijeka and the Adriatic coast.

40 km away from Varazdin there lies an ancient Neogothic castle for romantic people – Trakoscan castle.


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Varazdin / Varaždin has actively developed as a trade, economic and transport centre thanks to its location near the border.

Nowadays Varazdin is the administrative centre of the administrative area of Croatia of the same name — it is a large industrial, transport, economic and cultural centre of the northern part of Croatia.

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Varazdin is located near the Croatian-Hungarian border and the famous Lake Balaton

81 km from city of Zagreb – the capital of Croatia
89 km from the border with Slovenia
240 km from Rijeka city and Adriatic sea coast

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Varaždin thermal resort

The thermal resort of Varazdin is a thermal spa located in a spot of virgin nature, and it is the most famous thermal resort of the country – Varazdinske toplice.

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This tradition of the resort is 2,300 years old, ancient Romans were among the first to be treated here. The thermal springs of the resort of Varazdin are rich in mineral calcium-natrium-hydrogen disulfide and sulphuric water.

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The spa resort of Varazdin is a great place for both relaxing and active rest, and for general improvement of health.

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Varazdin Croatia photos

How to get to Varazdin

The nearest international airport to Varazdin / Varaždin is airport of Zagreb.

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Getting to Varazdin is very easy via the motorway from Zagreb.

Of course You can get to Varazdin by rental car which you can rent in Zagreb international airport on the day of arrival.

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By bus to Varaždin

Between Varazdin and Zagreb there is an excellent bus connection, about 8-10 lines per day.
Bus ticket for adult from Zagreb to Varaždin costs 55 kn, or about 7,24 euro.

By trains to Varaždin

Trains Zagreb – Varazdin runs from the Main Railway Station of the city of Zagreb.
Travel time is app. 2,5 hours.
Adult ticket price for train from Zagreb to Varazdin costs 61,40 kunas, or about 8 euro.

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