Oršić Castle in Gornja Stubica – 39 km from Zagreb

Orsic Castle in Gornja Stubica of Croatian Zagorje is located just 39 km from Zagreb city.

A palace in the Baroque style, built in the 18th century on the remains of a medieval fortress. In the 19th century, a balcony with Greek columns of the Classicism was adjoined to it.

The chapel house of St Franje Ksaverski with frescoes and a Baroque style altar. The ceiling of the chapel house is decorated with allegorical images. In the chapel house, a collection of the sacral art of the Croatian Zagorje is found.

Orsic Castle Orsic Dvorac Gornja Stubica Zagorje

The Orsic family lived in the palace from 1756 to the 1920s. Since 1973, the palace houses the Museum of Rural Rebellions, and in close proximity from the palace there is a monument built in the honour of Matije Gupca and the rural rebellion of 1573, made by the sculptor Antun Augustincic.

The collection of the museum presents the history of the feudal society in Croatia, the events connected with the rural rebellion of 1573, and the later rebellions. You can get to know the architecture, the customs and the culture of the Croatian Zagorje.

The theme of the 1573 rebellion is given through specimens of tools and weapons of the time, replicas, graphical works, fax documents, videos and computer projections.

Museum of Peasant revolts

Here is located “Peasants revolt” museum.

Entrance ticket to the museum costs:

  • for adult 25 kn, about 3,5 euro
  • for children, students and senior 15 kn, about 2 euro

The address of Oršić castle

Samci 64, Gornja Stubica

Oršić castle on map of Croatia

Official web of Museum of Peasant revolts www.msb.mhz.hr