Restaurant “Gresna gorica” Zagorje – 67 km from Zagreb

Nearby the Veliki Tabor castle, lies one of the best traditional Croatian Zagorje cuisine restaurant – restaurant “Gresna Gorica”.

Located among the vineyards and the picturesque rural surroundings, restaurant “Gresna Gorica” invites to try the best traditional meals of Zagorje.

Restaurant "Gresna gorica" Zagorje

Restaurant "Gresna gorica" Zagorje

There is a variety of the delicacies on the offer: homemade cheese, sun-dried meat, salads, soups, pates, pork and chicken meats, wild bore goulash, beans goulash, as well as a famous sweet treat – baked “shtrukli / štrukli”.

Restaurant "Gresna gorica" Zagorje

Below are some prices of the “Gresna Gorica” restaurant:

baked “shtrukli” of Zagorje – 30 kn, about 4 euro

grilled homemade cheese with vegetables – 45 kn, about 6 euro
beef soup – 20 kn, about 2.6 euro
mushroom soup – 25 kn, about 3.33 euro
wild boar goulash – 55 kn, about 7.33 euro
duck with “mlinci” pasta – 90 kn, about 12 euro

apple strudel – 20 kn, about 2.6 euro

Restaurant "Gresna gorica" Zagorje

Restaurant "Gresna gorica" Zagorje

Address of the “Gresna Gorica” restaurant

Taborgradska ul. 35, 49216, Desinić

“Grešna Gorica” on map of Croatia

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