Winter Events in Croatia

Winter events is a traditional time for Carnivals and Christmas markets :)

In many cities carnival processions with moving platforms, on which figures parodying local politicians and notable figures travel, are organised. The important events of the past year are also given satyrical performances.

17 January-14 February 2018 – Rijeka Carnival in Rijeka

The carnival in Rijeka city takes the third place in the world by the number of participants after the carnivals in Rio de Janeiro and Venice!

The opening event, as always, is Rijeka Carnival Queen Pageant and Handover of the Town Key as a beginning of masked madness.

Rijeka Carnival Croatia

Thanks to its traditions and local legends about the times when so-called ugly masks dispersed the forces of evil with their deafening jubilance, Rijeka has become the main carnival city of Croatia.
During the days of the carnival, the city gates are closed to seriousness, and opened to joviality and light-hearted happiness. This way, after the city keys have been handed over, the carnival madness takes over everyone who is in the city.

An infinite number of masks, behind which any person immediately forgets his grievances, will radiate good mood on the streets of the city for several days, and the culmination of the Carnival will be seen when it is closed, when over the entire city the world-famous International carnival procession will be heard.

Rijeka Carnival Croatia

Official web of Rijeka Carnival in Rijeka

2-13 February 2018 – Samoborski Fasnik in Samobor

Samoborski Fasnik is the most important and most entertaining event in the tourist town of Samobor that during his visit to the maintenance of about 200 000 people.

Samoborski Fasnik Carnival Samobor Croatia

Samoborski Fasnik has a long tradition of 189 years and among the oldest and largest Croatian Carnival festivities.

Samoborski Fasnik Carnival Samobor Croatia

Samoborski Fasnik Carnival Samobor Croatia

Official web Samoborski Fasnik in Samobor

3-13 February 2018 – Split Carnival in Split

Carnival in Split traditionally takes place in the winter.
In 2018 carnival was held in Split city in dates from 3 – 13 February.

Split Carnival Splitski Krnjeval Split Croatia

The carnival in Split is held every year in February. The carnival includes costume processions, holiday performances and concerts of pop stars. The concerts take place all day long, and they finish late at night with mass dancing. The carnival in Split is a city-scale event.

Split Carnival Splitski Krnjeval Split Croatia

During the Split carnival week also has a children’s carnival, carnival of the animals, numerous musical and dance events.

Split Carnival is great fun favorite events for residents of Split city and guests of the city!

Video about Split Carnival / Splitski Krnjeval:

Official web of Split Carnival in Split //

13 February 2018 – Carnival in Pula

The Pula Carnival held on February in Pula city.

Carnival in Pula photo

Official web of Pula Tourist Board

13 January-14 February 2018 – Carnival in Crikvenica

Carnival in Crikvenica

Official web of Carnival in Crikvenica

10 February 2018 – Carnival in Zagreb / Fasnik u Zagrebu

The main part of Zagreb city carnival is carnival procession of masked and costumed participants which move from central Zagreb square – Trg Bana Jelasica.

Carnival in Zagreb - Fasnik u Zagrebu

Сolourful spectacle and varied entertainment programs Zagreb city offers its residents and guests – brass bands, majorettes, folklore ensembles, dance groups, choirs, masked groups from primary schools and kindergartens, drummers, circus groups, animators masks and puppets, jugglers, fire throwers and magicians…

17-18 February 2018 – Zagreb Coffee Break

The Festival of coffee and chocolate – Zagreb Coffee Break to be held February in Zagreb city.

In 2016 the festival was situated on the main square of Zagreb – Trg Bana Jelasica.

Coffee & Chocofest Festival Zagreb

The aim of the festival: to present the best Croatian and international chocolates and coffees.

Coffee & Chocofest Festival Zagreb

Through various promotions, presentations, workshops and sale, many Croatian and foreign manufacturers and importers will present the latest trends in gastronomy and industry of coffee and chocolate, artists will in their own ways present in different techniques the magic of chocolate artism, and visitors will again be able to enjoy numerous educational programs, cooking show, presentations of production and preparation of coffee and chocolate, exclusive sale of products and in the end we hope they will have good time…

Coffee & Chocofest Festival Zagreb

Official web of Zagreb Coffee Break Festival //

10 February 2018 – Peasants battle / Seljačka buna in Stubica

Peasant Revolt in the Stubica traditionally held in winter time.

Peasants jacquerie / Seljačka buna - battle in Stubica
Seljačka buna, which took place in 1573, is exciting staging of the peasant revolt and the staging of the final battle (cannons, rifles, legendary weapon peasants, archers, the gentry and serfs army) with the participation of over 100 extras and 150 members of various historical associations.

Peasants jacquerie / Seljačka buna - battle in Stubica

… more about Seljačka buna in Zagreb

25 February – 4 March 2018 International Documentary Film festival in Zagreb

The 14th ZagrebDox festival in Zagreb city will be held in 2018.

On the festival will be feature more than 160 films from famous titles to numerous world premieres.

International Documentary Film festival ZagrebDox Zagreb Croatia

Official web of International Documentary Film festival Zagreb //

9 February 2018 – Whisky Fair in Zagreb

For visitors of Whisky Fair in Zagreb city offers opptunity to sample more than 30 different whisky brands. Along with a wide selection of whiskey brands that are available on the Croatian market, the fair will also feature a few rare whiskey brands, and several brands that have gained cult status with whisky fans after production of them were stopped.

Whisky Fair in Zagreb Croatia

During two days of Whisky Fair will be held masterclasses, roundtables and workshops.

Whisky Fair in Zagreb Croatia

Official web of Whisky Fair in Zagreb

December – Codfish Days – Dubrovnik

Days of Codfish are organized in the centre of Dubrovnik city from 18th to 24th of December.

Codfish Days Dubrovnik Croatia

The guests can to test Codfish in red wine and Codfish in Bianco – the traditional
Christmas dishes, and other dishes from cod: cod soup, risotto and pate of cod, piroške with
potatoes and codfish or codfish “alla Vicentina” and much more.

Codfish Days Dubrovnik Croatia

Events of the Code Fish Days are held on Stradun – the main street of Dubrovnik – as well as in a few restaurants in the city.

December- January – Christmas fairs in Croatia

Christmas fairs in Croatia

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