Public Transport in Zagreb

Zagreb’s public transport is not expensive and convenient.

The main, and the most beloved by citizens way of moving in Zagreb city – are the trams. The Zagreb’s trams are modernly equipped, fluently moving and quiet.

Trams of Zagreb

Trams is the main, and most loved by the townspeople, way of travel around Zagreb. Zagreb trams are modern and quiet.

The tram rails in Zagreb are organized in such way, that when approaching the tram station, the tram’s enters are becoming one level with sidewalk, so that you don’t need to climb the steps before entering your tram.

Trams in Zagreb Public Transport in Zagreb

Zagreb’s trams have no schedule; they are coming regularly, after certain time interval.

Many tram stations are equipped with special electric tablets, which is showing which tram is approaching and within how many minutes the tram you need is going to come.

Trams in Zagreb Public Transport in Zagreb

Buses of Zagreb

Zagreb’s buses aren’t as popular as trams. The bus lines are kind of completing the tram lines: they can bring you to the place, where there are no tram rails laid.

Buses in Zagreb Public Transport in Zagreb

Trams and Buses in Zagreb – map

Tram and bus routes of Zagreb have the special numbers, which show their direction; the net of different lines are comfortably covering whole entire city, so you can get to any place you’d like to.

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Public Transport in Zagreb

Public Transport iz Zagreb – how much cost?

ost of traveling by Zagreb’s public transport depends on the duration of your journey,

for example, the tram or bus ticket for 30 minutes of traveling would cost you 4 kunas, which equals to 0,5 euro

the tram or bus ticket for 90 minutes costs 10 kunas, which is around 1,3 euro

If you are planning to spend few days in Zagreb and to actively travel in city, remember that it is much more profitable to by the ticket for several days:

  • for 3 days – 70 kn, or 9 euro
  • for 7 days – 150 kn, or around 20 euro
  • for 15 days – 200 kn, or about 26 euro
  • for 30 days – 400 kn, or around 53 euro

Besides, there are the annual cards and, of course, special discounts for students and retired persons.

Public Transport iz Zagreb

Taxi in Zagreb

Taxi in Zagreb is not expensive.
You can find taxi everywhere, especially in the central part of Zagreb.

Taxi in Zagreb

The cost of taxi in Zagreb: city services of taxi in Zagreb are taking 6 kn for every km, or about 0,6 euro.

One hour of waiting of taxi in Zagreb costs around 40 kn, or somewhere 5 euro. There are no additional payments for luggage.

There are special cars for transporting the pets.

On the web of Zagreb’s taxi “Radio Taxi” you can download the free app for Android and iPhone, which will help you to order taxi faster.

Official web of city taxi Radio Taxi Zagreb

Taxi in Zagreb

Starting from 2017, in Zagreb is successfully working the world-popular service Uber.

Official web of Uber in Croatia

Parking places in Zagreb

If you travel to Zagreb by car or rent a car in Croatia, you need find a parking place next to center of Zagreb city.

There are 24 174 parking places in Zagreb!

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Parking Zones in Zagreb

The cost of parking in the center of Zagreb – from 5 kuna, about 0.6 euros per hour.

Zagreb has 3 parking zones. Parking in the red zone in the center of the city costs 6 kn per hour, in yellow zone – 3 kn, in green zone – 1.5 kn.

Daily parking card costs in red zone – 100 kn, about 13 euro, in yellow zone – 60 kn, about 8 euro, in green zone – 20 kn, about 2.5 euro. A daily card you can buy at any post office of Zagreb.

Underground multi-storey parking is equipped next to city center for visitors of Zagreb who trip by car:

The parking place in big underground garages of Zagreb costs 4 kn, about 0,5 euro, from 8:00 to 18:00, and 1,5 kn, about 0,2 euro, from 18:00 to 8:00 and on Sundays. Underground garages in Zagreb are open all day. Parking you can pay through automatic payment machines at the exit from the garage.

Parking places in Zagreb

Adresses of underground parking in Zagreb:

  • Ilica 45
  • Importanne Centar, Starcevicev trg bb
  • Importanne Galeria, Iblerov trg bb
  • Kaptol centar, Nova Ves 11
  • Marticeva 69
  • Palmoticeva 25
  • Petrinjska 59
  • Fibus, Miramarska 24
  • Langic, Langov trg bb

Official web of Parking places in Zagreb

Many underground parking in Zagreb are equipped with fueling for electric cars.

Addresses of Electric Cars Refills in Zagreb:

  • underground garage Langov trg, Trg Josipa Langa 13
  • underground garage Petrinjska, Petrinjska 59
  • underground garage Tuškanac, Tuškanac 1b
  • underground garage Kvaternikov trg, Trg Eugena Kvaternika 6
  • underground garage Gorica, Martićeva 69

You can use the convenient service Оnline service to find parking places in Zagreb nearest to you //

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