Istria in 4 days – the best post-quarantine medicine

I will admit: the route was by all means not an ideal one. Problem was, I couldn’t decide what to prioritise – body and soul? impressions or sea? I wanted it all… Istria in 4 days – the meeting)

The first quarantine had begun around March or April of 2019… unknown and frightening COVID epidemic, as well as a number of quite serious earthquakes, which took place at Zagreb an approximately same time, kept everyone stuck at their houses for 3 whole weeks :(

As a result, all the frozen foods in our freezer run out – we’ve never seen anything like this before. Meanwhile, the patience to look at the same walls was running out too. My whole being was craving freedom of travelling and some new, undiscovered views…

Istria in 4 days photo 1

Not gonna lie – quarantine turned out to be a great opportunity to realise some of my ancient plans and projects, which I used to push away due to the lack of time. But that was quite a small pleasure, unable to lighten the weight of pandemic imprisonment. For this exact reason, as soon as the quarantine measures were taken off, I momentarily planned out a quick adventure – seeing Istria in 4 days))

Istria in 4 days photo 2

First of all, I will indicate the distance – easely coverable by someone who haven’t been behind the wheel for more than half an hour for a while. The distance in question is 253 km, i.e. about 3 hours of driving in a good highway.

For me personally, the journey starts when I enter the payable highway; while travelling, I find a great pleasure in having a cup of coffee on a second or third gas station I see on my way. That marks my organism’s change of life pace for the next few days.

On the way to Rovinj, which is the destination, you pass 2 toll highways.

Usually, on my way to the seaside, I stop by and explore something new and exciting, marking the beginning of my holiday :)

1 day: road and Motovun – the city of truffles – Istria in 4 days

Motovun city of truffles

The first thing that strikes you when you enter Motovun is its quietness.

Motovun – located in 30 km from Porec city – truffles city is a very old city, famous for its truffles, and it seems to be living its own life, which has not changed over the past hundred years.

And, while the time itself is slowing down its pace, you involuntarily slow your walking down, keeping your breathing quieter.

➝ more about Motovun

Landscapes that open to you from all sides deserve special words… hills with vineyards, and Istria is famous for its wines, enveloping the smell of pasta with truffles, and truffles which mined right here in the Motovun forest.

Istria in 4 days Photo 2

Winery Fakin

Winery Fakin - wines of Croatia

Croatian family winery Fakin is located in 4 km from medieval town Motovun, and in 33 km from Porec city of Istrian Peninsula.

The history of that family winery lasts for more than 300 years.

Today, wine made by Fakin family winery has a worldwide recognition as well as numerous international awards. The golden medals of “Malvazija” and “Teran” wines of the family winery are one of the latest and most significant of their achievements.

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Limski channel or Fjord Lim – Istria in 4 days

Limski channel or Fjord Lim

Limski channel or Fjord Lim – Fiord Lim is a natural phenomenon, formed in the Ice Age.

Limsky channel is the most beautiful narrow sea gulf of Istrian Peninsula, which protrudes into the coastline and is surrounded by picturesque green landscape.

Limski channel is a part of the Limski gorge, which is 35 km long and spreading from coastline almost to the middle of Istria Peninsula between cities Rovinj and Vrsar.

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As a reward to you for the journey to the sea sunset))

Istria in 4 days Photo 4

Istria in 4 days Photo 5

Day 2: hotel and the beach of the Lone bay

My first day was spend on the beach. I just wanted to relax, shake the stress off, and listen to the peaceful sound of waves)) That day simply must be spent next to the sea, as a celebration of the fact that you have finally reached it… or else, the sea might get angry at you, and meet you with a bad weather next time you visit it. (JOKING… or am I?)

The beach of the Lone bay is located at the Zlatni rt bay, shielded from the weather by the forest park from 3 sides. It is considered to be one of the best beaches of the Istria peninsula. It’s a smooth pebble beach, and it’s suitable for the children of all ages.

Istria in 4 days Beach of Lone bay Photo 1

Istria in 4 days Beach of Lone bay Photo 2

Right next to this beach, there are two excellent four star hotels – Hotel Eden 5* and Hotel Lone 4*.

Istria in 4 days Photo 6

Hotel Eden ended up being my choice, which has, despite its affordable price, offered me a bed and breakfast option, which is a very profitable choice if you’re travelling on the budget (COVID hasn’t brought us an incredible wealth, has it?)

Hotel Lone 5* Rovinj

Hotels Rovinj Croatia
EXCELLENT rating 9.2 / 10
The rating is based on the reviews of 3050 guests of the hotel
Distance to the nearest beach: 20 m
To center of Rovinj: 15 min walk
Distance to Pula Airport: 40 km
Add: surrounded by the Golden Cape natural park, hotel offers a terrace, a wellness center with a pool and a spa, modern design rooms with a balcony, free Wi-Fi

The cost of a double room in the hotel: from 85 euros

➝ more photos and discriptions of hotel Lone 5* Rovinj

Hotel Eden 4* Rovinj

Hotels Rovinj CroatiaFABULOUS rating 8.8 / 10
The rating is based on the reviews of 2885 guests of the hotel
Distance to the nearest beach: 200 m
To center of Rovinj: 15 min walk
Distance to Pula Airport: 40 km
Add: for hotel guests indoor and outdoor pools with a large seating area and a beach bar, wellness & Spa zone, children’s mini-club, table tennis tables. There are also tennis courts to the hotel. 100 meters from the hotel forest park Zlatni Rt with hundred-year-old trees

The cost of a double room in the hotel: from 88 euros

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For the luxury lovers, there is a five star hotel “Monte Mulini”; it’s located right after the road turn, closer to the centre of the Rovinj. It even had its own marina for yachts. That is, however, completely unnecessary ;)

Hotel Monte Mulini 5* Rovinj

Hotels Rovinj CroatiaEXCELLENT rating 9.4 / 10
The rating is based on the reviews of 625 guests of the hotel
Distance to the nearest beach: first line
To center of Rovinj: 10 min walk
Distance to Pula Airport: 40 km
Add: the hotel is surrounded by a lush centuries-old protected natural park overlooking the bay, free Wi-Fi, a modern wellness center spreads over 1000 sq.m, indoor and outdoor pools for hotel guests

The cost of a double room in the hotel: from 101 euros

➝ more photos and discriptions of hotel Monte Mulini 5* Rovinj

So now, after we’ve paid our respects to the sea, the time has come to dedicate some time to studying the Rovinj.

Istria in 4 days Rovinj

Day 3: Rovinj, and, of course, the beach

Rovinj city photo

Rovinj city – small “Croatian Venice” and is one of the most mysterious, romantic and intriguing cities of Croatia.

It is not for nothing that Rovinj is the best sightseeing, which is recommended in the TOP 10 places for visiting in Croatia.

According to ancient documents pioneer settlements in place of Rovinj and the beginning of Rovinj’s history date from the 3rd and the 5th centuries.

The Old City is the historical center of Rovinj, which is situated on a peninsula in the center of which there is Cathedral Church of St. Euphimia. Rovinj water area is very spectacular and has 22 islets.

➝ more about Rovinj

There’s nothing better than lay on the beach till the dinner, after spending half of your day exploring the heart of Rovinj, while daydreaming about the new places you’ve seen and deleting some of the less successful photos from your gallery.

How many days exactly do you want to spend at the seaside is, of course, a matter of your personal choice.

A beautiful beach and a tranquil sea… not to mention all the exciting and tasty experiences around, that might keep you you busy for a solid couple of weeks. I, however, only had 4 days, which means I needed to spend the last one of them as productively as possible.

Day 4: a way home and other things

Mysterious Dvigrad town

Medieval Dvigrad ruins. Photo 1

Just 20 km from Rovinj in the valley you can see the ruins of Dvigrad.

Medieval Dvigrad ruins – one of the most mysterious places in Croatia. Dvigrad – one of the most arcane attractions of the peninsula of Istria, located in 15 km from the Rovinj city.

Just like all the deserted dead cities, Dvigrad is shrouded in numerous legends, fairytales and mysteries.

➝ more about Mysterious Dvigrad town


Groznjan is located in 228 meters above the sea level. In order to get to Groznjan, one must climb up the mountain for about 4 km. Tiny warning: the only radio waves you will be able to catch will be the Italian ones.

Stone-made houses with green shutters, the vineyards and the olive trees, cypresses along the road – all that makes an impression of one being in Italy.
Groznjan is a town of true artisans. Every year at the beginning of May, the narrow streets of the town turn into a full-blown artsy-musical-theatrical theatre under the opened sky.


Don’t even ask me why I needed to travel 50 extra kilometres, because I don’t know. Maybe, I wanted to challenge myself; maybe I have decided to let go and be crazy for this short period of time. Most probably, though, I simply wanted to spend some time standing with my face turned towards the opened sea, with an understanding, that my feet are touching the “edge of the world” – the peninsula.

Istria in 4 days Savudrija

By the way, there are a few nice campings around these places. The biggest and the most comfortable do them is Camping SunFlower, with its cozy wooden tent-houses.

Istria in 4 days Savudrija photo 2

The tourist infrastructure here is highly developed: there are a number of attractive beaches, and lots and lots of bicycle routes…

I can’t really put it into words, but I sensed a whole different micro-climate in a short time of being there. It made me want to come back again, and try to catch it again.

Savudrija lighthouse – the westernmost point of Croatia – Istria in 4 days

Savudrija lighthouse – the westernmost point of Croatia. Photo 1

Savudria – a small settlement and the most western spot of Croatia. From the top of the Savudria lighthouse, you can enjoy the unforgettable views of the sea, with no islands in sight.

it’s not a very crowded place, which makes it ideal to spend some time reading there or simply daydream, lying on the longe chair you brought with you. That’s exactly what the locals (and the Slovenians, judging from the indications on the car numbers, parked nearby) do to relax and recreate .

➝ more about Savudrija

“An idiot’s dream came true”… there it is – a cup of coffee at the “edge of the world”… now the journey has truly ended. Now I can go home))

Istria in 4 days. Photo 2

Distance from Savudrija to Zagreb 294 km

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