Food prices in Croatia in 2023 – real ;)

There’s been a lot of talk about the Croatian food prices in the summer 2023… here’s a take on that…

The unstoppable desire to break free from the mundane and change a scene for a little took over me; so I decided to make some use of the two days-off and get to the seaside, splash in the warm water and obtain a nice subtle tan…
Given the recent less-than-bad weather that’s recently unraveled in Croatia, finding some sun was a harder task yet not an impossible one.

Prices in Croatia in summer 2023. Photo 6

As per my standard procedure, I checked the weather in all of my favorite :)) seaside spots: Senj – 161 km from Zagreb – rainy, Opatija – 174 km from Zagreb – thunderstorm and wind… then the more distanced locations were checked – the search went on and on, but the hard work always pays off. Zadar city, North Dalmatia – 285 km from Zagreb – all suuuuuuuuunnnnyyyyy )))

I booked a last last minute hotel in the resort town of Prtacane, and, to my deep shame, i discovered that I’ve never actually been there before. I always hoped for some better weather closer by!

Prices in Croatia in summer 2023. Photo 3

And the Dalmatia didn’t let me down!!!

And now, back to prices… Combining research and leisure, here are my personal observations in the Croatian 2023 summer food prices during the tourist season peak!!!

  • the price of gasoline 95 for 1 liter is 1,21 euro and then count based on the power of your car
  • payment for a high-speed road from Zagreb to Zadar for a passenger car – 16 euros

Prices in Croatia in summer 2023. Photo 7

  • accommodation in the resort Petrčane from 57 euros in a private apartment to 161 euros in a 4 * hotel, below is a table with real-time ONLINE prices for accommodation in Petrčane:

  • the rented lounge chair on the beach – 7 euros

Prices in Croatia in summer 2023. Photo 4

  • additional payment for the dinner in the hotel restaurant – this is if you are too lazy to leave the hotel at all – 20 euros, but of course I went to the sea
  • dinner in the restaurant right next to the seaside with live music cost me 24 euros

For the main dish I chose the local delicacy Istarski fuži sa kozicima / Istrian shrimp fuji – homemade noodles with shrimp in white sauce sprinkled with grated parmesan, homemade tomato salad with olive oil and half a liter of draft Heineken ))

Prices in Croatia in summer 2023. Photo 1

Below is the bill from the restaurant…

Prices in Croatia in summer 2023. Photo 2

And some more prices:

  • Caesar salad – 11.50 euros
  • pizza with seafood – 11.50 euros
  • homemade spinach noodles with seafood – 13.20 euros
  • grilled squid with potatoes and spinach – 16.90 euros
  • fresh vegetable salad – 4.70 euros
  • coffee on the seaside – 2,30 euros
  • warm sea sparkle in the sun and a beach with cozy small pebbles P R I C E L E S S )))

Prices in Croatia in summer 2023. Photo 5

Additionally, here are some of the grocery store prices from one of the most widespread grocery store chains in Croatia:

  • milk 1l – 0,69 euros
  • eggs 10 pieces – 2,52 euros
  • butter pack 250 gr – 2,79 euros
  • wheat flour 1 kg – 0,76 euros
  • sugar 1 kg – 1,29 euros

The outtake is… well, it is on the expensive side ((

BUT, before you judge, consider this:

  1. The prices grew all over Europe; I can’t confirm what’s going on on the other continents, but here we are
  2. the article mentions the restaurant and groceries prices during THE PEAK of the summer tourist season in Croatia
  3. Croatia has officially become a full-blown EU country, which always means a 15-20 % increase in prices. If your country has ever gone through the same, you’ll get it((
  4. The coast of Croatia has been included in the TOP 5 of the cleanest coasts in Europe for many years

Have a nice holiday on the beaches of Croatia!

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