Croatian company Rimac has presented a new hypercar “Rimac Nevera”

Croatian company “Rimac” has presented a new electric hypercar “Rimac Nevera”

“Rimac Nevera” is a next step from the previous model, “C_Two”, as it’s effectiveness was increased by 34%

The new hypercar has an active aerodynamics and four electromotors. Each electromotor is positioned on one of four wheels.

The overall power of “Rimac Nevera” is equal to 1914 horsepower.

The name of “Rimac Nevera” comes from the name of the hurricane wind Nevera which suddenly appears at the adriatic coast of Croatia

Maximal speed of the new hypercar – 412 km/h

New “Rimac Nevera” with a mass of 2150 kg accelerates to 100 km/h in just 1.85 seconds

Rimac Nevera new hypercar photo 2

The price of the new “Rimac Nevera” is 2 000 000 euro.

150 new models of the hypercar are to be constructed in a place called Sveta Nedelja, located in 19.5 km from the Zagreb city.

The owner of the company – Mr. Mate Rimac – has founded the company from scratch in 2007, with just 8 employees in the state, while today the number of employees has reached a number of 1000 people.

Company “Rimac” doesn’t just aim their work to improve the technical characteristics of their cars – but they want to decrease the price of their cars as well, increasing their affordability.

Rimac Nevera new hypercar photo 3

The material uses photos taken from the official website of the company “Rimac”