Meteorological column Zagreb

Meteorological column Zagreb is located on the northern side of the historical park Zrinjevac in the center of Zagreb.

The column is a gift from a military doctor and amateur meteorologist Adolf Holzer – was installed in the park in 1884.

Going around the meteorological column around you will find out the current atmospheric pressure in Zagreb, humidity and temperature.

Meteorological column Zagreb. Photo 2

The column was designed by Hermann Bolle and built from Istrian marble. The meteorological instruments of the column were brought from Germany, and the clock was made in Zagreb by the watchmaker König. The weather column clock is unique in that its hand only rotates once a day, rather than the usual two. The dial is divided into 24 hours.

Now the meteorological column is serviced by the Lebarovici watch family. The same family also maintains the clock in the central square of Bana Josip Jelacic / Trg Bana Jelacica.

Meteorological column of Zagreb:

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