Kostelgrad – medieval fortress – 66 km from Zagreb

Kostelgrad is a medieval fortress fortress, towering on the cliff, 405 meters above the sea level. It is located in 66 km from city of Zagreb.

For a long time, the fortress has had a significant strategic role in controlling a number of important roads from all sides.

Kostelgrad medieval fortress Photo 1

In terms of shape arrangement, the fortress consists of the five-angled yard with a palace and the four towers. Three out of four of its outer walls are located near the sheer cliff.

Kostelgrad medieval fortress Photo 3

The fortress was first mentioned in the historic documents, dated back to the 1330 AC. The owners of the fortress changed as the eras went by, which lasted its development and deformation all the way till the 17th century. Starting from the 18th century, the significance of the fortress started to decline, its condition worsened, and in all the documents dated after the 18th century it is already mentioned as ruins.

The fortress was slowly collapsing for centuries, abandoned in the middle of the darkness of the forest.

Kostelgrad medieval fortress Photo 2

The Croatian government initiated a project aimed to strengthen the walls and the towers of the fortress remains in the 21st century.

Locals love to come here to have a picnic with an amazing view to the beautiful valley.

Kostelgrad medieval fortress on map of Croatia:

Get to Kostelgrad

You can only get to the medieval fortress Kostelgrad by car.

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