Ruins of Bisag Castle – 46 km from Zagreb

Ruins of Bisag Castle belong to the 14th century. The castle life back then was full of events!

Looking at what remains from it today, it’s hard to imagine that this building has once had four round towers – a tower in each corner – and one rectangular, right in the middle. The castle was also surrounded with a moat with water, and it was only possible to get inside by a bridge.

The first owners of the castle were the Grebengrad, but in 15th century it gets a new owner – the Bisaski family, and this is why its name – Bisag – is coming from.

Ruins of Bisag Castle. Drawing

Bisag-grad. Painter Julijana pl. Erdedy – Drašković, kraj 19. st. arhiva R. Jovičić

Further, in history, the castle had changed its owners quite a few times, as well as it has been re-built and upgraded a lot. The oldest Croatian family Draskovici Trakoscanske – the last owners of the castle.

Ruins of Bisag Castle. Photo 5

After the war of 1918, the castle was already partially destroyed. A fire that happened during The Second World War had finished the destruction.

Ruins of Bisag Castle. Photo 3

Today Bisag Castle, once so full of life, is reduced to ruins with distinguishable remains of two towers and a small church of St.Florian, where there are still few preserved wall illustrations of the life of Jesus.

Ruins of Bisag Castle. Photo 4

Frescoes in the chapel of St. Florian with scenes from the life of Christ

Today, ruins of castle Bisag are the museum under the opened skies. An entrance is completely free.

Ruins of Bisag Castle. Photo 2

The address of Bisag castle 42225, Bisag

Ruins of Bisag castle is located in 45 km from Zagreb city and in 39 km from Varaždin city.

Ruins Bisag on map of Croatia

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